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Pilot is a digital hydrometer and thermometer that is placed inside a fermentation vessel during the entire fermentation process of beer, wine, cider, mead, etc. It produces a continual log of gravity and temperature measurements without the need for human interaction or removal of a sample.

A hydrometer is a tool used to measure the specific gravity, or relative density, of a given liquid based on the principle of buoyancy. In alcoholic beverage brewing, a hydrometer is able to measure the amount of alcohol in a liquid because of the direct correlation between specific gravity and ethanol concentration.

A typical hydrometer used in home brewing involves extracting a sample of the brewing liquid into a graduated cylinder and placing a floating hydrometer into the liquid. Taking these measurements before and after brewing allows the brewer to calculate the amount of sugar consumed by the brewing yeast and converted into alcohol.

By leveraging the principles of buoyancy, density, and gravity—measured and tracked with accelerometers, temperature sensors, and opensource software—Pilot enables a home brewer to track the progress of their fermentation in order to learn more about their craft and improve their skills.

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